BUFLEXZ is a cutting-edge decentralized application (DApp) designed to revolutionize the conventional ad revenue structure employed by major social media platforms.

Diverging from the practices of popular platforms, BUFLEXZ channels the ad-generated revenue directly to its users. This distinctive strategy enables users to accumulate points, take part in contests, and potentially secure prizes through their daily routine scrolling habits on their mobile devices.

Fundamentally, BUFLEXZ turns the ordinary interaction with advertisements into a gratifying experience for the user.

Buflexz Key Features

Buflexz Provides Value And Rewards To Our Users In Many Ways


BUFLEXZ Function

BUFLEXZ brings joy to users through a variety of events. Enjoy unexpected luck only at BUFLEXZ!

Lucky draw

It is an event to select the winner by drawing a unique application number . if there's a prize you want, you can bet on the lucky ball and apply


It is an event to select winners by the official lottery number in Korea . Participate every day for free

Use Points

Points earned from BUFLEXZ can be exchanged for expensive luxury items and mobile gift certificates that can be used anywhere in the world!
Luxury Goods

Elevating Luxury Through the Power of Buff Token.

BUFF Discounts The Buff Experience Secure and Safe

Leveraging The Power Of The BUFF Token, Buflexz Is Able To Provide Its Users With Significant Savings On Top Luxury Brands. Utilizing Our Secure Platform, Users Can Receive Substantial Savings On Top Designer Handbags, Wallets, And Other Luxury Items.

Picture yourself wearing the latest in fashion from top luxury designers, all at remarkable discounts. With the power of the BUFF token, Buflexz empowers users to BUFF up their wardrobes all at exclusive prices.

Utilizing our state-of-the-art blockchain technology, Buflexz provides a 100% secure and safe shopping experience, ensuring peace of mind for our users.

They can fully enjoy all that Buflexz has to offer while ensuring a secure, enjoyable, and rewarding experience

Root37’s Forges Strategic Partnership with Lejel Group, Indonesia’s Premier Home Shopping Leader

Seoul, South Korea – Root37 Co., Ltd., directed by Mark Shin, CEO, is thrilled to unveil a transformative collaboration with Lejel Group, the foremost home shopping powerhouse in Indonesia. This strategic alliance represents a monumental stride for Root37’s cutting-edge Random Box platform as it sets its sights on international expansion and seamless integration into Indonesia’s flourishing market.

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